About us

Have you ever wanted to just escape?
Do you crave that feeling of stepping off the plane, when the heat hugs you and the palm trees sway in the distance?
Don't you love when the humidity surrounds you, when the sun glows on your skin and you can just float in the water to cool off?
What feels better than exploring and relaxing, whether you have headphones in reading a book, or you're jumping out of a plane or riding horses on the beach?
What's better than a permanent escape?
Island Beauty was created to capture that moment of pure joy on your get away. It was created to encompass the island life in all of its beauty, and to bring it all to you. The founder of Island Beauty took inspiration from her home countries Mauritius and Madagascar. She envisioned the magic of the island and from her mind, blossomed the idea to create a brand which expressed her love for the island culture.
However, it wasn't only the picturesque islands of Mauritius and Madagascar which encouraged the birth of Island Beauty. Our founder has travelled to some of the most irresistible spots around the world such as La Reunion, Bali and Cape Verde to name a few.  Moved by such enchanting serenity and the comfort of island culture, she created Island Beauty, a brand which aspires to bring you this permanent escape, and embrace you with wanderlust.