Jewellery Care

Island Beauty sources quality metals and makes sure our jewellery is made from high quality plating. Despite this, it is a known fact that fashion jewellery (which includes plated jewellery, 925 Sterling silver and any other expensive jewellery brands) can experience tarnishing or colour fading overtime. It is important in order to extend the lifetime of your jewellery to give them occasional breaks, and keep them away from moisture and creams.

Tips to maintain the quality of your jewellery:

- Keep your jewellery in the provided Island Beauty dust bags when not in use.

- Try to avoid sweat.

- Wipe with soft dry cloth.

- Do not sleep in your jewellery.

- Avoid chemicals, particularly creams.

- Avoid bathing, showering and washing hands with jewellery on.

- Wait for any creams to dry before wearing your jewellery.

For more Delicate items, please try to only pull them straight and avoid twisting them as it could break the clasp or links may snap. If the prongs on the bracelets get caught on clothing they could get loose and cause the cubic zircon crystal to fall out. To avoid this please try to put on your jewellery after getting ready.

Jewellery reactions:

IMPORTANT: It should be noted that traces of copper will be found in gold plated jewellery as it contributes to the process of colouring the metal. In particular cases of extremely sensitive, highly acidic skin, some oxidisation could occur which could cause slight greening. Chemicals found in hand creams may also cause oxidisation. This is found commonly with even the finest of jewellery which is why it is important to try to avoid creams or wait for them to completely dry before wearing plated jewellery. 

If you have been allergic or sensitive to certain metals or have experienced green tainting before, then it is likely for you to experience the same reaction. Those who are sensitive should not purchase copper or brass jewellery and instead choose our Stainless Steel or solid gold jewellery (available for custom order).

All of our jewellery is eco-friendly and contains no nickel, no chromium, and no lead.

We take no responsibility or liability for any reactions that may take place. It is the responsibility of the customer only to ensure our jewellery care is read and all precautions are taken as we are unable to know each individual persons allergies and sensitivities. 

If you need any extra help or have any questions please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help.